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태종대 Taejongdae

Park on the Straight

Following the disappointing shopping adventure from yesterday, I have returned to 부산 Busan to explore 태종대 Taejongdae at the southern tip of 영도구 Yeongdo-gu, an island of Busan jutting out into the Korean Straight.
Looking west to Busan from 태종대 Taejongdae in 영도구 Yeongdo-gu.
The rocky coast of 영도구 Yeongdo-gu along the Korean Straight.
At the south cape, along the circular road around the park, is a restuarant shaped like a ship. The food is pretty standard, waffles, pizza, flavorless snacks. Why are they flavorless? They're Korean.
I wonder, though, why they translated 이스크림 as "Ice Green"...
Off on the horizon far in the Korean Straight you can actually see Tsushima Island, an island of Japan. There's the dream, teaching in Japan...
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