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부산 중구 Jung-gu, Busan

Shopping and Hiking

The iPhone's just come out in Korea. Oddly, though, they're not doing a nation-wide release like in the West, but instead they roll it out, starting in Seoul and Busan and not to reach Masan for a few weeks.
Hopeful to get one of my own, I run over to Busan today to visit the Frisbee store. But because my phone plan is actually in my direcotr's name (Koreans are xenophobic and make it difficult for foreigners to settle), he actually had to go to the phone store in Masan to sign various papers so that I could get my phone. The whole process took more than three hours before I was ready to pay.
The iPhone in America is only like $250 with a two-year contract. In the rest of the world, though, the iPhone is more than $700! Expensive, yes, but I figured it was worth it.
So after hours of waiting and processing it comes time to pay. That was when they warned me that the Korean iPhone could not be used in America! I'm only going to be in Korea six more months. $700 is too much for a phone I would use only for six months. Why didn't they tell me sooner? I could look into jailbreaking it upon my return to the States, but compared to the $250 American price tag, it's not worth the risk.
It is now so easy to travel and move around the world, but cell phone companies won't let you take your phone with you. Cell phone services, the last impediment to a truly global world.
After calming myself down with a simple meal, I made my way up the neighboring hill up to 부산민주공원 Busan Citizen's Park. I had also hoped to go to 태종대 Taejongdae at the southern tip of 영도구 Yeongdo-gu, an island in the Korean Straight, but it was getting dark.
PS, sorry for the lack of pictures, but there were mitigating circumstances
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