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Heroes Baseball

히어로즈 야구

August 15 is 광복절 Gwangbol Jeol, Korea's Liberation Day from the Japanese Occupation. To celebrate, I thought I'd give myself a three-day weekend trip to Seoul.
After the long train ride, I decide to stop by this little Korean restaurant for some real Korean food. I asked for 쌈밥 ssambap, cooked rice wrapped in lettuce, but the hostess tried to warn me the food was "hot" and I replied with a simple "okay". The pork wasn't very spicy... So what you do is take a piece of meat from the table's center grill and place it in a leaf of lettuce. Then you add anything from the community dishes scattered across the table. Then you wrap the lettuce leaf into a little ball and put the whole thing in your mouth. It's pretty good.
The oddest part, though, was when the food was brought to my table, all the staff was watching to see my reaction...
I also found a Krispy Kreme near my hotel and I was soo happy!
The 목동 야구장 Mokdong Baseball Stadium, home to the 히어로즈 Heroes in Seoul.
Inside the Mokdong Baseball Stadium. Of the seven main baseball stadiums in Korea, this is the fourth I have now been to!
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