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First Day of Teaching

Day's Slideshow

Facing the Firing Squad

I've gotten a full night's sleep (although it was from 8pm to 3am) and my site has survived an insertion, but will require various security lock-downs...
Anyway, it was nice to start meeting the children yesterday. Some of them would come say something in Korean and I'm just like "uhh..."
Korean children are so different than Americans. In the afternoon, when Jac. had stepped out and asked me to continue on the board, I had to kneel down to start writing on the lower half (low board). The boys in the back were giggling and then one came up to me with a chair and said "Teacher sit". They all laughed.
Snack time came in the afternoon and the kids were enjoying a little piece of "Korean pancakes". Jac. offered me a piece, but I declined. A student soon said "Sam Teacher eat."
I won't know for sure which classes I'll be in until I get to the school just before the classes start... but that's just the Korean way. At least I'm with each class only like 20/50 minutes at a time and it can go by fast, especially when you just spend a lot of the time singing and repeating the same few words/sentences (the actual teaching part there).
So, the children all seem very nice and polite. But like all children, they do have times when they want to just talk and talk to each other.
All in all, though, today was a rough day. I was out of my element and unsure what I should be doing. Ugh, I was so bad today, they actually complained to my recruiter that I was too quiet and "abashed"... I'm assuming that after the roughness of today, I should get the hang of it and do well, eventually.
A typical playground and a typical modern apartment complex. Notice the Russian influence on the playset's roof design...
A McDonald's Bulgogi Burger (불고기 버거, Bulgogi Beogeo). It's not very good...

My New Apartment

Looking down the road to this school.
The view from my apartment, though it is not very exciting...
The best view from my apartment.
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