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Finally in Korea

Blog Entry 1

I'm now in Gimhae, staying in a hotel (free) for the night while the current teacher moves out. I'll be in my apartment in the morning.
Ugh, the director wanted me to work today, and they're having all the children's mums in today. But, thankfully, another teacher convinced her that I need to rest today and will start work/training/observing tomorrow, though I still need to say "Hello" to all the parents.
First thing I had to do from the airport was arrive at the school, and then they led me into a classroom with children and parents to introduce myself. Well, the director already gave a little intro 'cause the first thing I said was "Hello, I'm Sam" and they all laughed. I don't know what they were expecting me to say, but they wanted me to say more.
After a week observing another teacher, I hope that I'll get the hang of trying to teach the children. At least it'll only be fifty minutes at a time.
Ugh, you can feel the culture shock immediately. The Koreans don't tell me anything, even while they're supposedly trying to help me. I felt a little of that when I was emailing Korea in preparation for coming here: if there is anything you need to know, you must ask them directly and don't stop until they give you a direct answer.
My hotel room is not bad. The view out my window is the next building just a couple yards. When I checked in, the front desk gave me a couple toothbrushes in plastic bags. I guess Koreans don't pack toothbrushes. And although the bathroom is large, the shower does not have a bath and there is no curtain.
It'll take a little while to get used to bowing my head and trading my shoes for slippers when I enter a place. I'm just hoping to get through the next couple weeks and into the standard routine of my work. I'll probably keep this sick feeling in my stomach until then...
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