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Unexpected Night in Japan

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Today was my flight from Detroit to Tokyo-Narita and then on to Busan, Korea. It was annoying that the sun never set on the journey around the Pacific, but everyone kept their window closed and I tried to sleep early knowing that it was night in Busan then, though late afternoon back home.
Looking for lunch in Tokyo-Narita Airport, I found only a McDonald's and a more traditional Japanese Restaurant. So I stopped at the McDonald's and picked something Japanese that still looked good. The menu picture of these "Cheese Cutlet Burger" looked good with lots of lettuce, cheese/mustard in the chicken breast, and BBQ underneath. Well, it's not chicken, it's pork. It's not lettuce, it's cabbage. It's not BBQ sauce but I think soy sauce. It was an okay burger. I ate only half, though. At least I got the traditional fries and coke with it.
As I sat eating lunch, an announcement came over the PA that my flight to Busan had to be delayed until the next morning due to a bad storm in Busan. An inconvenience, yes, but the airline gave me a free room with free dinner and breakfast at the hotel. The drawback, though, was trying to get through Asian customs and passport control... I had to fill out entry and exit cards, but could take my time as I was the only one trying to get through at the time.
Then I was set free into Japan! I dropped my bags off in the hotel, took a nice shower, enjoyed my free dinner, and then I got to explore the little city of Narita. It was like 7pm after dinner and it'd be an hour and a half to Tokyo with the last bus back to the hotel like at that time, so I had to settle for Narita. I am happy that I was given the opportunity to see this little part of Japan with its narrow streets and small buildings on smaller lots.
A bit of Narita's skyline at night
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