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Yes, I'm finally posting new entries to this blog. I have so many pictures to upload from so many trips, so you will understand why it will take me several days, maybe weeks.
Nonetheless, this entry is about my latest feature to the site: A new RSS Feed. So, everyone who likes this site can subscribe easily to the feed and check it for updates. Unfortunately, like the rest of my site, any updates to the feed must be done by hand. Ah, but it is so much better and easier for my fans (my family) to follow, rather than trying to wander about the site aimlessly to see if any update had been accomplished in the past few months.
I have also updated the calendar page so that when it shows a day that has only one entry, it will redirect you to view it rather than just a link to it. It was rather pointless to have you guys see just a single link, yes?
I also changed the home page to include a link to a page listing all of the galleries, replacing the link to my biography (cannot imagine it was very interesting anyway).
Oh, and I have lots and lots of pictures from my time in Europe, so you guys best all be looking forward to that!
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