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To Berlin

Slowly but Surely

I woke up early to catch the first train off to Berlin. I had a little difficulty understanding that the woman at ticket counter was trying to explain that my Eurail Pass was my ticket. I had to also reserve a seat on all the other trains on my trip so far, so I was expecting that.
The Lelystad Centrum railway station... It's a small town not on the way between Amsterdam and Berlin. So, how'd I get here? The woman at the ticket counter told me platform 11, so I just assumed the next train at platform 11. I should have double checked which stations it'd be calling at (stopping at, en-us) and/or its destination. It was interesting to see this little bit of The Netherlands few tourists bother to see, though. However, it's made me four hours late!
So, I've finally gotten on my way to Berlin, albeit four hours late, leaving Lelystad at 14:00. (Trains between The Netherlands and Germany run only every four hours.) However, there was a power outage on a section of track before the border. So that meant that at 16:30 we had to get off at Almelo, Netherlands and take a bus across the border to Bad Benheim.
Upon arrival at Bad Benheim at about 18:00, everyone had to take a short train ride to Rhein to then catch our next connection. I then took the next train to Hannover, where I was able to catch a high-speed train all the way to Berlin, arriving at 23:00, 11pm... an hour and a half later than the time given from Lelystad, almost six hours later than I would have liked to begin with.
This long day finally ended with my arrival at the hostel at midnight to greet my friends and get some much-needed sleep.
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