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We're Goin' to the Ballpark

Day's Slideshow

09:19 Morning in Sandusky

Well, he had ~11 hours to kill until game time. Grandpa and I agreed to walk around downtown Sandusky before moving on...
A Merry-Go-Round Museum...
As you can see, there was not a lot to see... It was like walking through a well-maintained ghost town.

09:50 To Toledo

After not seeing much in Sandusky, we got into my car and took the scenic route down Ohio 2.
The Sandusky Bay
Did you see it? That's a lot of flat farm land...

10:37 Wastin' Time in Toledo

With ~9 hours until the game still to go, we agreed to wander around downtown Toledo to see what was there.
Toledo's AA Minor League Baseball Stadium. We're standing out on the sidewalk... Apparently they cannot get ticket buyers, so they allow free spectators hoping to increase interest... Pathetic; all Greensboro had to do was create a big democratic controversy by building a new stadium to replace an historic stadium.
After discovering nothing but Fifth Third Field (named after the peculiarly named bank), Grandpa and I decided to hurry out of town to Detróit.

11:26 In and Out of Monroe, MI

Driving north of I-75 when we came near Monroe. Grandpa remembered driving down there when he used to live around Detroit. I decided, then, to get off and take a look. However, Grandpa did not remember anything that we saw. We turned around back to the Interstate, got off a mile or two north, and went back to "Historic" Monroe, which Grandpa remembered. We drove down south from there. However, it was just an ordinary highway, so we tried to get back to the Interstate. We ended up down the same road we first got off at to our surprise. We then continued north to Detroit.
A statue of Colonial Custard (of Custard's Last Stand), who was born in Monroe, Michigan

13:13 Into Detroit

Alright, still a few hours until the game. We agreed to go to Detroit and just see what was there.
I think someone's proud of the Pistons (or received a lot of advertising money).
Look! It's Detroit! And, if you follow the suspension bridge in the distance, there's Canada (I suspect). Doesn't Detroit look great!?

13:43 Outer Drive

Once we made it into Detroit, I wanted to drive to Comerica Park and quickly survey around for parking (and to look at downtown) and to know in advance how to get back on the Interstate. (After-game traffic in Detroit is horrible, as I will talk about later.)
Old Tigers Stadium. Doesn't it look like it's from the '50s and earlier?
Once we had accomplished our preliminary survey of the area immediately around the park, we proceeded to explore in an arbitrary manner. I got us back onto I-75 north and then shot off onto I-96 west. When we got off for gas, we proceeded to explore off the Interstates...
Once we secured a supply of petrol, we proceeded upon this street. Outer Drive, Grandpa told me, was part of a well-to-do neighborhood in the 1940s, though today the houses are for lower income families.
As we continued south (?) down Outer Drive to wherever it leads, Grandpa could not remember ever being down much of the street. It was a nice street, with a wide, grassy median and it drove through lots of parks. I would compare Outer Drive with Cone Blvd or Benjamin Pkwy in Greensboro, NC or some roads on the outskirts of Ivanovo in Russia.

14:24 Back into Detroit

Outer Drive took us, surprisingly, into Dearborn (where my mother was born). Grandpa suggested that we drive down Michigan Avenue, US 12, as it runs straight into downtown Detroit.
Ford World Head Quarters between Dearborn and upper Dearborn.
We got back onto I-75 north after Dearborn. I got us off onto the now infamous 8 Mile Road, the northern limits of Detroit. This picture is looking south down Woodward Ave as we come to 8 Mile. Michigan (especially the Detroit area) is full of Michigan Lefts (a left turn accomplished by either a U-turn followed by a right turn or vice versa). As such, we had to start north on Woodward and then turn around, allowing me to take this picture.
Do you see it? Five lanes in one direction; 10 through lanes. That makes Woodward Ave in Detroit one of the widest streets in the world! The only other street I personally have seen this wide was in Moscow.
PS, all the cars to the left are going to the State Fair. If Grandpa and I had the whole day, had arrived earlier, and if there wasn't so much traffic going in, we would liked to have gone ourselves.
Wayne State University is to the right. My Grandfather went to college there! He said that he would walk downtown and ride the bus back to school at night.
To the left are townhomes under construction. It's great to see Detroit being built back up. If Detroit wasn't so famous for competing with DC for "Murder capital of the world" and if everyone wasn't leaving, I think Detroit would make a great place to live.

15:07 Downtown Detroit

T-minus four hours, fifty-three minutes until game time.
Woodward Ave took us back straight into downtown Detroit. I decided that we should go ahead and park and just walk around downtown until game time.
I thought it would be nice for us to take a trip around Detroit's People Mover (a light-rail train moving people around downtown). We agreed to get off near the Detroit River. Once we got off, however, we discovered a Jazz Festival. We could not resist walking through.
General Motors Global Headquarters alongside the Detroit River.
A statue of escaped slaves looking south to freedom in Canada. Doesn't Winsor look worse than Detroit?
My Canadian friend will appreciate this picture. Not bad, eh? (I guess that's an inside joke.)

16:46 Tigers Baseball

Alright, we got a little anxious to get into the stadium and to our seats. However, we got to the park more than an hour before they open the gates.
Beautiful (though maybe over done) Comerica Park. They love their Tigers, as we all should in 2006!
I thought that it would be great for us to make a poster stating how far we drove to show our appreciation of the 2006 Detroit Tigers! An hour later, after trying to find a place to buy supplies downtown, we had created this poster. After we got to our great seats, a guy with season tickets said that the camera a section over would always point at people where we were sitting. However, ESPN did not place a camera there like the local stations would, so our poster was not seen on TV.
This is interesting: An hour after we settled into our seats and had duct taped our poster on the glass in front of us, though low enough to not block anyone's view, a man told us that we could not hang anything over and we had to remove it. Other stadiums let people hang poster from their railing throughout the game. I guess they don't want the glue on their glass, or that it might possibly fall off during the game...
When I bought the tickets, the game was set to start at 1pm. However, since ESPN decided to pick up the game, they moved the game to 8pm. This, sadly, meant we'd have to drive from the game to our hotel in the middle of the night, but at least it gave us some extra time in Detroit. I for one had a great time today.
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