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19:25 Updated Galleries

The idea hit me to have a page listing all of my galleries. This way, when I add new galleries, they won't be obscure or hard to find or impossible to link to. I decided to have the galleries listed in the order in which they had been updated, with the most recent updates first. However, I wasn't sure how to link to this page... Interestingly, most of the code on this page I just copied from else where to make it a stand alone page. The only part I really had to write was about 30% of the entire necessary code...
Then another idea hit me: To put this list on my latest entries page. I decided to fill in the gap next to the list of entries at the bottom of that page. In preparing to create the table, I realised that I could get rid of the division (div) on the list of entries and in other similar places (the calendar page to be specific). So I had to deviate to update the calendar page. Was it necessary? I think it looks... better, maybe.
So, I put the table at the bottom of the lastest entries page. I also had to add update all of my stylesheets to recognise the new arrangement of tags in this table.
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