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15:32 Better Lists

I've added the "Best of 2005" list to those entries on the list. I thought about that weeks ago, but haven't gotten around to it. Also, until recently, I didn't have the ability to do so.
Also, I didn't like not having the entries' dates on the list. So I had to copy and paste some code from the display script and modify it. I also decided that I had to give the "Best of" lists a title when viewing the entries. Rather than somehow modify the large display script and the entries' code, I found it best to have the list script automatically put on the title "Best of" at the top of the list.

15:43 Search Modify

I just realised that the search script would/could include my monthly analysis entries... Since they could not possibly be displayed in the display script, I found it best to just remove them from the search results.

21:20 Search Modify, again

I submitted my site address to some search engines just now. wanted me to upload a ROR XML file to my site. So, I had to modify the search script to not include the file in its searches. Actually, I found it best to focus the "globbing" action of the scripts rather than list a series of exceptions. Now, this way, I won't need to modify the search with more exceptions when I add new exceptions in the future!
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