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19:43 Display Error Fixed

I noticed today that the foot of the display pages of dates without an entry had the incorrect year... The problem was caused by not allowing the script to acknowledge that the page could be the parent and that the entry that was not found was in fact a dated entry. So when the script was supposed to create a title for unfound entries, I had to have it discover if it was a dated entry or not. Pretty easy, unless we point to a nondated gallery... though that shouldn't happen.

20:48 Best of [year]

HAHA! Now the year 2005 has a list of what I believe to be my best entries of the year! Feel free to comment as you see fit. This achievement was easy to realise. I just had to create my list, update the calendar script to add an iframe for the list, and then work on the list script to properly display the entries' titles. (I learned to copy code from the calendar script and add a little bit to deal with nondate entries.)
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