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Lists of Opportunity

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13:22 After Weeks of nonWorking

I have created the ability to list collections of galleries as I see fit! Just put the names in a proper order and have a script read it to put them into an HTML list. Sounds simple, right? NO! Weeks ago I tried to put the list into the same page by requiring the list script. Well, there's no way to tell the script which list to read. So finally today, I turned it into it's own page, requiring more iframes... I have implemented this on the home page, though I could not figure out how to get the spacing as it should be, but it looks nice and will work in many situations, I hope.

15:56 Gallery Rename

To help with standardising things, I have rename the galleries not associated with any particular date to have the prefix "gal". I did this a few weeks ago when I first tried to create lists.
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