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Back to School


So today was my first day back at university. I'm now a JUNIOR!! And this will be my only semester as a junior!
I had to drop my "European" Literature class because the professor (Dr. Rosenblum) will being teaching on only Russian literature... Don't you think "European" implies a more wholistic approach? If he wants to teach a class devoted to Russian literature, then he should have the class titled "Russian Literature". He said it's because that's what he "find[s] more interesting". Also, I noticed on his syllabus that he does not have posted office hours, although it's a requirement by the university, and next to his phone number he put in paranthesis "(for emergencies only)"... All together he sounds like a negligent professor, if you ask me.
Notwithstanding, today was a good day. I've dropped that class for a second necessary math class. I LOVE MATH Let us be clear about that now! I'll be finishing my foreign language requirement this semester. I like the two professors in the Russian division. Also, I've had class with five of my seven professors this semester! Dr. Levesque said that RUS-315 in the fall will be a Russian literature class which will hopefully count for my literature requirement. If it does, I'll take it (unless there's a scheduling conflict, in which case I'll need to somehow find another interesting literature class).
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