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First Update of 'O6!

18:32 Nothing too special

All I did was change the calendar view a little bit. The idea hit me about a week or two ago that displaying the first entry of every month would add to the counter of that entry too fast. Also, I had the nice ability to display each entry on its own, yet I'm don't show it much. I have like one access point to that and that, I'm sure, is/can be annoying to get to. So I changed the month view to display each entry a person clicks on as its own page. I noticed immediately some waste of memory that a previous addition created to the original code I was changing. So I took three lines of code and put them together as one. I then destroyed the big inframe window. BOOM! Well, "click, click, click, CLICK! YAY!!" <laugh/> Oh, I think I'm soo funny... Anyway, it's done, it was simply, and it looks nice, yea?
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