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18:38 Join the Europhile-ian way!

Today, I heard a professor at UNCG (I choose not to mention his/her name) repeatedly talk about how free we are in America, especially compared to other nations. I've heard him/her say similar things before, but today he/she really layed it on. Well, today I've found the perfect words to discribe him/her:
"an Uneducated American parroting that Hypocrittical Delusion of Grandeur"
Let's face it, people who say things like that only do so because they've been told so for their whole lifes. They don't know anything about the world outside America. There's a good reason Europeans make fun of Americans as uneducated, fat, and rude. Okay, Europeans complaining that too few Americans have passports is unfounded as Americans don't need passports to travel within America, Mexico, and Canada and most can't afford to go to a country that would require a passport.
Anyway, it was very ecocentric and ethnocentric for him/her to basically claim that America is the best country in the world. Europeans too are ecocentric claiming that Americans are uneducated, fat, and rude, although they are.
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