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11:30 Random Galleries on Home Page

I was looking at my website earlier when I realised the difficulty to look through the galleries listed on my home page. Then it hit me: If I can randomise the pictures to display in each gallery, then I should be able to randomise which gallery would be shown on the home page. Well, I noticed some hang-over code on my home page script that became useless when I added the list iframe. So I just added a line to randomly pick one of the files in that list. However, what if I add new galleries later that I don't want displayed on the home page? So, I copied the list gathering code from the list script. Now it picks a random gallery from the list of galleries shown on the home page and displays it. So, for the first time in several months, "Art is Where One Looks" will not automatically be the first thing people see when visiting my website. Poor gallery has been demoted to the ranks of my other galleries...
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11 Feb 2006