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Need to Walk

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15:26 Went for Milk

We needed milk today; two gallons. So I took it upon myself to walk to the closest grocery store, about one mile away. I left at 14:30, arrived at the grocery store about twenty minutes later, and arrived back at home exhausted with the two gallons in my tired arms at 15:14.
The lesson I learned today is that even though it's great to walk everywhere, there are limits. The trip would have been better if I needed only one gallon of milk, or if I took Alex and his stroller to carry the milk. If I needed more, I would necessarily have needed a car. So, I've learned to not do that again. Also that I prefer Lowes Food over Harris Teeter...

15:32 100th Entry!

Well, this is the one hundredth entry on my site! Shame I forgot my camera today...
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