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BIG Changes!

Day's Slideshow


There is no doubt that this is the biggest project I have undergone for my website since its launch on 06/07/2005 .
Today I moved all my pictures out of the April 2006 folder into the March 2006 folder. I then deleted ALL of my entries and uploaded all the entries on my computer. Like I said yesterday, 12/04/2006 , this new system of mine has pushed ~40 entries into other entries.
I then went through many entries to be sure everything was working properly. I zapped a couple bugs and then it was time to make visitors' lifes easier. I had the Latest Entries Page updated to display a random page from multipage entries.
I still have some work to do. I need to update the nondated galleries and my lists... and add some more functionality to the display script...

13:01 Too Much Necessary Work...

I've still been working on this... I had to update my nondated galleries, though I may still have the incorrect date on many pictures. If anyone notices such, please email me at
I've mostly been working on my calendar view to incorporate these new features. I had a lot of code to add all over the script. Once again, the calendar view will display a specific day. This time, it shows a list of all the pages within the date's entry. I just realised, I should had links to the next and previous days... Yes, a foot table will be necessary.

13:16 Calendar Footer Table!

I've just added the footer table to the calendar view. All I had to do was copy the code from the display script, cut what was unnecessary, and edit one bug and it works perfectly!

14:00 Lost Picture Found!

I finally found the reference to my unreferenced picture! It seems that I misrenamed one picture in the entry from 11/03/2006 during the whole move and what not. Now everything has been set right.
Before I hit that, I noticed my pictures on 10/03/2006 were out of order and were duplicated. I just forgot to go through to update the names of the pictures that were moved. I went through all three entries from my mountain adventure to look for any other mistakes and all is well.
Now that all this is over, I can finally finish posting my pictures from that trip over a month ago... I also have pictures from Washington to post. There are other pictures I want to post, if I'll be able to find them...

14:54 Posting Improved

I have finished updating the post script to have any posts made to my multipage entries apply only to the page being viewed by the person who posts the post, as opposed to having the same thread of posts on every page of a single entry. I have done things like this before, so it wasn't too difficult. Wasting my time on "Yoda's Forums I&II" wasn't much of a waste of time after all, I suppose. Then again, no one ever uses the posts on this site either...
Anyway, I want to acknowledge that there was a slight error when posting to pages without multiple pages, but I've fixed that quite simply.

18:30 Events Displayed

I just now added the code to the display script to display an "event" from my multipage galleries. All I had to do was copy a lot of code. I really should combine a lot of that code sometime... Anyway, this will allow me to put comments about the pictures in with one page rather than using a separate page entry.
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