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BIG Changes!

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I have spent almost two hours today on updating all of my entries to be compatible with my updated display script from yesterday ( 11/04/2006 ). Forty-three entries have been compressed into other entries in this process. So instead of ~130 entries all together, this is now entry 95... Sorry, but 17/03/2006 no longer has the privilege of being number 100...
Unfortunately, as of when I am typing this, I have yet to upload these updated entries to my website. Also, oddly, one picture I've had to move and rename seems to not be associated with any entry...
Well, all I need to do is delete most of my entries on my website, move my pictures on the server, upload my entries, and hope everything's worked out fine. Most likely there will be a few bugs here and there to work on. Also, I need to be sure to add code to my display script to support some new XML code I've created today...

23:50 South Park, Part Duex

I was so excited to finally get to see the finale to the two part episode tonight! "...the finale, will not be shown today so we can show you this 'Special' Presentation" said the narrator. I was like "NOOO!!! Uh, oh well, I knew they'd do that. They did it a few years ago when we wanted to learn who Eric Cartman's father is. So I'll just sit back and try to enjoy T&P..." Thankfully T&P wanted to show Muhammad, but it was censored, and so we were thrust back into the story we came to watch.
Near the end, when Kyle, as always, gave his speech about the right thing to do (protect and fight for freedom of speech) and the Family Guy episode was aired.
They were about to show us the scene with Muhammad and I was like "They wouldn't really do that... The guys at South Park surely know the consequences of such an action..." And just as we were about to see Him, the screen went black with white letters declaring that Comedy Central would not show an image of Muhammad. Then I was like "Damn, they just went against the show's message and gave in to the terrorism of Cartman and the fundamentalist Muslims..." Most likely the guys at South Park made that part of their show rather than having Comedy Central edit the episode.
The Muslim terrorists reaction was interesting... The had a bunch of poorly animated Americans, including President George W Bush, and had them all declare how much they like to 'crap' on everything and everyone, including having the American Flag in the background to everything, although the action against that was more implied than explicit.
All-in-all, the episode was alright. Their message was nicely pronounced, which distracted, in my personal opinion, from the humour of the show, but oh well.
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