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BIG Changes!

17:47 MultiPage Entries

I've been working real hard for a couple hours or more on updating my website to allow multipage entries. This way, when I take 200+ in one day and wish to display ~20 of such, I won't need to waste multiple entries and days to display all of them.
My first idea was to suffix the name of the entries with letters. Looking back now, that probably would have been the easiest thing to do...
In practice, however, I had to develop new XML code to create minigalleries in my blog entries. I then had to work on the display script to use this new code/function. The easiest thing to do is to display the first page and then allow the viewer to scroll/click through the pages in order. I'll need to update my latest entries page for this new addition and update the calendar view to allow the immediate choice of which page to jump to.
The need to do all of this not only came in March 2006, with taking Alex to the playground on 02/03/2006 and then my Spring Break Trip of 09/03/2006 . Also, I arrived Sunday from a three day trip with my family to Washington, DC. I took ~860 pictures those three days and it'll be forever for everyone to see those pictures with the previous system...
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