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South Park

22:36 New Episode of South Park

I have just come from watching the newest episode of South Park and I must declare to the whole world that... that show... is awesome! I was laughing throughout the episode. Cartman heads out to Los Angeles to stop the airing of a new episode of Family Guy becomes it will depict the prophet Muhammad and Fox has no choice but to not censor it and open the United States up to terrorists attacks by angry Muslims!
"You don't get it! When I make a joke, it's part of a story, a characterisation, it's not the same repeatable, irrelevant joke!" Cartman yells to Kyle.
Family Guy is so unfunny! I've said it before: the show is poorly written. Every other scene is a blatant joke that has NOTHING to do with the plot. In good writing, every scene must further the story, develop the plot.
South Park's stories seem to be well planned out and every scene advances the story. All of Cartman's hateful jokes about anyone and everyone are part of the story. Cartman is typically used as the antagonist to oppose the open minded Kyle and Stan, but Cartman can act as a protagonist, though he's better as an over-the-top version of the opposing view to that of the show's creators.
So in short, watch South Park and laugh.
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