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I Love Mathematics

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22:15 Я люблю математику!

At the starting of the semester, in Calculus IV, we learned how to take a parameter out of a system of equations to find the solution(s). In Matrix Theory we first learned how to put a parameter into a system of equations to find the solutions...
In Physics last spring we first learned about vectors and how they apply to force. The first chapter we covered in Calculus IV was all about using vectors. Now in Matrix Theory, we are learning all there is to know about vectors. Apparently what we learned in Physics and Calculus was really just a useful interpretation of vectors. The definition we're using in Matrix Theory is a very generalised definition.
Today, at the end of Calculus IV, as everyone was leaving, the professor came up to my desk and asked if I had a second to speak with him. I thought to myself Oh my God, what could I possibly have done wrong? So I went up to his desk after everyone left. He asked if I heard about some undergraduate seminar/meeting for mathematics on 15/10/2005 . He wanted to know if I would be interested in giving a fifteen minute speech/talk about some graphed functions using Maple (a fancy computer program that shows what a 3D graph looks like). Mom and Murray say it'll look great on my resume. With this and the Grogan Math Scholarship ($500 for a year) from my university, I'm getting together a nice little application for graduate school and hopefully onward!
Я очень люблю математику! Я люблю изучать математику!!

23:12 New Colour Theme Added

Now that autumn is officially upon us, I have created today this beautiful autumn colour theme. Based on the beautiful forests of Greensboro in the fall (pictures hopefully coming in the near future), I used the leaf colours as my inspiration. I wanted a red background, but found this orange colour also appealing. It reminds me of pumpkins and Halloween, a wonderful holiday in autumn to give thanks for the harvest. I then had to throw in red, yellow, and brown colours. Not too many places to put the colours, sadly. I also varied the reds and browns slightly to give different elements more of a distinction from one another and to better represent the varied colours of the trees.
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