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18:28 Russian Classes in the Spring

Okay, so there's only two of us taking RUS-203 this semester. However, the university won't let classes with less than five students meet/run. They're nice enough to let us get away with it this semester, but they won't make the mistake two semesters in a row. So that means that we're going to be joining the third year students in the spring. <eyes action="roll"/> Dr. Levesque is going to be sure that I'll get my foreign language requirement met and my classmate Ian will get the necessary requirement for his major/minor. I should get my credit, or else I'd have to take another foreign language for two years... What a waste of time that would be for me. Well, not time really, as learning french would be useful. It would be a waste of money and time as far as my major is considered, definitely.
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7 Sep 2005