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A Walk Around Town

Day's Slideshow

13:10 House Hunting

Yesterday I parked my car across the street from the campus's main commuter parking lot, in a very small lot alongside the university's printing office (I believe, or some other university building). I enjoyed walking down Tate St, past the stores and houses, hearing the cars drive by and watching the people go about their lifes. I would like to live around here, I thought to myself. This part of Greensboro would be perfect! I'd be within walking distance of the stores on Tate St and all of my classes.
However, I don't want to spend the rest of my life here in Greensboro. I want to live in other cities. But last night I thought about maybe finding a nice house east of campus to rent. Mom and Murray will be nice enough to pay up to the cost of a dorm room plus the price of a meal plan on campus. I would just need to some how earn a few hundred dollars a month for the rest of the rent and some more for food.
I talked to my mom about it last night, and some more this morning. If I rented a house with one other person, all I would have to worry about, financially, would be paying for food. This would be great! However, I shall have to move out come August or September 2007, when I go to study in England. But having my own place not far from campus for the next year and a half would be great!
So today, since I had two hours to waste, I spent the last hour walking around the neighborhood between UNCG and Greensboro College. I don't want to live too far east, too far from the campus. I also don't want to live on busy (but not too much so) Mendenhall St or Tate St. I also don't want to live in an apartment building or townhouse or duplex type place. I could live in a townhouse/duplex, but that's not preferable. I also couldn't stand to live on a street that doesn't have a sidewalk. Actually, there was one unpaved street! It's one of a handful left in the state! I couldn't believe it! An unpaved street in the middle of Greensboro! It's not much of a street, though. It's really just an alley way behind some properties on Tate St. I think Walker Ave would be the best. Carr St was also nice.
My mom and I will probably go looking around the neighborhood either today or tomorrow to see how much rent will be at some of the houses. It would be great if I could get my own place soon!

17:05 Quick Update

I quickly changed a few things to display the title of my blog entries! I decided to keep the "Blog Entry" title for any that don't have a title. I also marked galleries without a title with "Gallery". Look around and see which pages I updated! (Hint: calendar, latest, search)
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