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A Quick Unnoticeable Addition

Day's Slideshow

23:07 Hide the Future

The simple code I use to turn a date into a single number to see if a date is in the future or not has been added to my display script. I thought of it yesterday. I was all like Duh! Why send a message to the display script that the file's "notFound" when I could easily have it do the test itself! So I thought about how I would need to change my previous addition completely to this simpler standard. Then it hit me... I could just add the code so that it would utilise my existing determination of its existance! Well, it was a very quick add. I just had to copy four lines (though I easily made them two lines and I should do that in the other scripts...) and type in one additional simple line. That was it! Plus by keeping the "notFound" option, I may be able to easily create private or semiprivate entries in the future...

23:45 Bug Zapping to the Calendar

In a thought experiment, I concluded that the existance of a future entry could be discovered in the calendar view. If the entry was the first entry of the month, it would display an inline frame saying that there was no entry for the entry's day. So I had to add code to delete (or more accurately, "pop") the entry from the script's file list. The location and generality of the list name had it work for the month and year view. The only problem was that "Next Month" would still appear when viewing the previous month... Like I have one entry already for November, but when looking at October there was a link to the next month, though that shouldn't be there since there shouldn't be any entries for November! I just copied my new code and pasted it where needed to prevent the occurance of the "Next Month" and "Previous Month" links.
Actually, now that I think about... I should allow every month to have those links, whether or not there are any entries in those months... What do you think?

24:03 Maybe I Should Go to Bed...

Well, I decided that I should make that little addition. It'll save me several bytes (a few hundred). I actually had to quickly change what would be displayed when there were no entries for one month. Instead of showing the months of the year, I had it just show the three links at the bottom of the other month views. To accomplish this I just cut out the code where it selected ("glob"-ed) all the files of that year. I then added a tiny bit more code to hide an annoying box that came up when there were no files in one month. I also added the "Next Year" and "Previous Year" links to all of the year views.
Yep, all of my hard work this past hour has been in attempt to hide secrets from everyone I know (up to a certain date anyway). I think I've successed quite well.
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