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A Long Day Working

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15:24 Hide the Future

HAHA! I updated the latest entries page to not display entries that I post for the future! So now I can add an entry that won't be displayed to anyone until the entry's date comes along. For example, today is 11/10/2005 and I have already added an entry for 15/10/2005 , but you can't see it! Well, it would still appear in the calendar view... but I changed that! I just had to keep the entry from being added to any of the lists! I then had to worry about when it was the first and/or only entry for a month and someone tried to look at the month... Well, that was the hard part. I had to add an option to be sent to the display script so that the display script would know to say it wasn't found. So there, it's hidden! No, wait, I guess you could find it in the search...

15:36 ...Completed

HAHA! I updated the search script so that it won't display my future entries! <laugh type="evil" />
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