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Cleaning My Office


Okay, so I had the itch to finally move my old computer into my office. The first step: To clean my desk...
Actually, this whole weekend I've been working on my office. Friday night, I brought my world band radio out and have been trying to find something interesting on it.
Saturday, I had to rearrange some of my books on my book shelves, as well as some cleaning. I moved my poetry books in with my school books, making that shelf crowded. I then brought my World Almanac collection up stairs and put them on the newly nearly empty shelf. I also put my book about world band radio with it, thinking that I might get new editions of it in the future. I included my 2001 MLB rule book with these books as there's not really any other place to put it and it should technically change, albeit ever so slightly, every year. I then moved my radio onto the same shelf, as there's no where else for it to go. I actually enjoyed standing with my book in one hand as I pushed the buttons on the top shelf with my other hand.
Also Saturday... well, I didn't really do anything else other than watch Simpsons DVDs...
Today, I cleaned off my desk and brought in one of my extra monitors, though I had no where to put it. Where my desk allows for a monitor is my laptop... I first wanted the monitor next to my laptop, but it's just too big. So now it's sitting behind my laptop. I also moved a few things to the very top of my desk to maximise my usage of all my space.
Also! Saturday, as I checked the vent, I noticed a bump in the wall and thought it was just some paint. On closer inspection, I noticed that it is actually a small nail slightly pertruding from the wall... So I took the picture of 1960's downtown Greensboro from the newspaper some time ago that sat on top of my bookshelves (quite out of sight to everyone but myself) and balanced the frame on the nail. It looked nice.
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