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Lunch with the Mayor


I went to spend some time with my grandfather today. For lunch, I decided that we should try this old, quaint restaurant on W Lee St, Beef Burger. I pass it just about everyday on my way home from university. I've been meaning to get a picture of it, but oh well. It's yellow and looks like something out of the fifties. So we went and ordered a couple of cheese burgers. As I looked up at the menu to see what else they had to offer, Grandpa over heard the cashier ask "What would you like today Mr. Mayor?" and he asks me if that's the mayor. I look over at him and am like "Yeah, that's Mayor Keith Holliday." Apparently he eats there a lot. I told Grandpa that it must be a good place if the mayor eats there.
Neighborhood stores and restaurants are the best part of big cities. Chains make everywhere seem the same and are, unfortunatley, running these quaint small businesses out of business...
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22 Nov 2005