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YAY Construction! They're rerouting this part of Bryan Blvd to go around the airport. They widened Airport Pkwy when Greensboro extended Bryan Blvd into it. Well, shortly thereafter, FedEx decided to put their new hub here and the plans would put the new runway over part of Bryan Blvd. After months of debate, the state decided to move Bryan Blvd to the other side of the FedEx hub, rather than having it cut through the airport and spend millions on a tunnel/bridge for the new runway. They're also going to put the new I-73 on Bryan Blvd as it cuts around the airport, or so they say now.

21:33 Site Update

I just now changed the latest entries page to link to the entries to show them in the full window, as opposed to being trapped in the iframe on the calendar view.
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