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Site Update

Day's Slideshow

14:25 Secret Log

Added a page to view my secret log file... But it's secret, so you can't see it...

23:05 Update to Display Events Needed

That new page you'll never see had me realise something: It's nice to see the entries on a whole screen rather than in those little inline frames (iframe)... So, Note-to-self: Amend display script to be able to display entries in the top, parent frame rather than just in their little boxes...

23:32 Step One Accomplished!

The first problem with this great idea is "How will the display script know that it's the top frame?" I could easily do that with JavaScript, as that works on the client's computer and the client's computer knows the relative location of all the pages. However, the display script works on the server, so there's no way for it to know whether or not the client is viewing it in the top frame or in an iframe! Well, I decided that I should use JavaScript to reload the page with the necessary information to let the display script know that it's the top frame, but it does this only if it is the top frame. YAY for ingeniousity! <giggle/> I made a word up...
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