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Applying for an Internship

23:32 Recommendations

I'm applying for an internship with the US Department of Energy (DOE) that Murray told me about. It'll look good on my application for graduate school and I'll gain valuable research experience. Also, I'll give a paper or presentation on the research, so I'll have my name published again!
Today I asked my Chemistry 115 Lab Instructor for a recommendation. She never filled out a recommendation, which is reasonable since she's in graduate school and I think this is her first semester doing any instruction. Anyway, it'll be great to have a recommendation from someone who's seen me work in the lab.
I also made sure to meet with my Chemistry 111 professor from last semester. I'll be taking Intro to Modern Physics with him in the fall too. He recognised me by name, which surprised me because we didn't spend much time together and I would have thought that I mostly just blurred in with the hundreds (or at least dozens) of other students he works with each year. Anyway, I told him that I was going to be taking his class and was hoping that he would fill out a recommendation. He agreed and asked me about my prefermance in his class, what I'd be doing in the internship, and how I was doing this semester. He also asked specifically what math classes I'm taking this semester and I told him "Calculus IV and Matrix Theory". He asked how I was doing in them and I told him that I'm making A's.
I also plan on asking my Calculus IV professor for a recommendation. He's the one who asked me to give a talk at the RUMC on 15/10/2005 , so he's the perfect person to ask for a recommendation.
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