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20:36 Gwen Stefani Concert!

My new best friend, Chelsea, has bought us tickets to go see Gwen Stefani in concert! The concert is 08/11/2005 , a Tuesday night, in Duluth, Georgia. We'll have to spend all day Tuesday and Wednesday trying to get there and back. She needs to be back by 13:00 on Wednesday for her lab. I'll have to reschedule my Tuesday lab and miss all but one class. We still need to think about how we'll get down there. Most likely we'll have to fly down. I would prefer to drive us down myself. That would be the cheapest way. Though we may not be able to get back in time for her lab. She also mentioned the train, which would be great! The problem with that is her motion sickness... IT IS GOING TO BE SOO MUCH FUN!!!


YAY! Updated Site!! I now have the ability to post entries that don't have images! It was a of work. I had to think of how I wanted the new entry information to be stored in XML. I also had to add the code to recognise that this isn't another gallery with pictures. The code then had to pull out the text to be displayed, separate from the XML code. I basically just copied my old code for my comments on any picture. Then I just added some slight formatting to display everything as I wanted.
The hard part was trying to change any date I enter into my entry into a link to that day's entry. As you can see above, I was eventually able to do it. All dates need to be in the format dd/mm/yyyy and the program will automatically turn it into dd Mon yyyy and will be a link to that day. Getting to that point was difficult! I had to read part of my Perl book that I've never read and it took some problem solving skills. I had to put together three new concepts together just so it would do this. It's quite exciting!
All I need to do to fully implement this is to have my other pages recognise them as unique. I'm talking about the search page. I already updated the calendar and latest entries pages over an hour ago (before working on the date thing). So, yeah, off to work I go...
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